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Business and residential premises alike are equally at risk of being bugged by prying unscrupulous people or companies in order to illegally gather confidential information about the person or persons and their activities.


Common examples could be someone who doesn't trust their partner or is divorcing their partner. An enemy or a family member, a neighbour or business associate, an employer or professional organisation such as a private investigation company.


Due to the widely common availbility of bugging devices it has become extremely easy for people to use such devices to gather information illegally. It is surprisingly easy for someone to plant a bug in your home or place of work, bugs can be powered by an internal battery offering days or more often weeks of spying. Bugs can also be fitted in the wiring of the home or even in an electrical item that is connected to the mains power lasting indefinitely.


Being spyied on in a home or place of work is a gross attack on a persons privacy and it may not be known who is listening or even watching, therefore if in doubt it is crucial to conduct an electronic sweep to provide peace of mind.


Pro-Tech Security Solutions Ltd have a team of experienced and dedicated professional bug sweeping and countersurveillance personnel. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to identify, locate and remove all types of listening, recording and also video bugs.


Our comprehensive electronic sweep service is completely discreet and confidential. Our service is tailored for your needs therefore we are available to conduct an electronic sweep at a time to suit you. When conducting an electronic sweep rest asure we will be utilising the most up to date and advanced methods and equipment to locate all types of standard and advanced transmitting/recording devices, including GSM devices.


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